Wednesday, October 9, 2019


This photo was taken a couple days ago.  
You have to admire this flower's persistence.  After all, it is October.

To all my friends who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, my wish is that you have a Happy New Year making wonderful new memories.

As it is a holiday, everyone was home today.  Unfortunately, it has rained all day so going out and hiking or apple picking was not on the list of things to do.  We all just vegged out.  

Well, one son made a fantastic meal featuring bolognese and baked pumpkin.  One of the pumpkins we picked a couple weeks ago.

And me?  Well, I have spent most of the day working on guild stuff.  The next meeting is Saturday and there's a lot to get ready.  We do have a great quilter who will present our program.  Paula Nadelstern.  She's known for her kaleidoscope quilts.  I have seen Paula many times and she always finds some new twist that makes her programs not only interesting but informative.

Yesterday, late, I did scan a couple of my magazine idea files.  Here's just one of the binders.  (I have several.  And some of the articles are almost 50 years old!)

So, did I find a tree ornament?  Yes.  I have made them before out of paper but this one is made with fabric.  It's an adaptation of the Moravian Star.  It is very simple so I think I need to find one more ornament to pair with it.  But at least I have one...

That's all for today...
Talk with you tomorrow...