Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Sunlight Brightens Your
Day But Darkness Allows For
Time To Contemplate

Whatever I felt yesterday did not show up today...thank goodness.  I have managed to get a lot of little things done, as well as some big things.

As far as crocheted trees are concerned, I am about half way through number eleven and I only need twelve.  I have to put the snowflakes on the trees but that won't take much time.  Still deciding on the snowman.  

I have decided on some games to be played but am working on quilting lyrics to favorite holiday tunes.  Last year I wrote a skit, but I think that I will let that one go this year.

And I have the upcoming guild meeting pretty well put together including announcements.  I still have to work on the workshop instructions and patterns.  I would also like to make one more teacup cosy and rug.

Supper is all done...Cincinnati Chili.  Basically, it's spaghetti, kidney beans, a meat tomato sauce with onions and garlic and cinnamon, all topped with a dollop of sour cream and a healthy helping of shredded this case, pepper jack.

The house is still torn apart waiting for someone to fix the holes.  I think I can do it on a temporary basis which will hold as long as we are renting.  Have to run that by the landlord first.

I tried the three questions this morning, adding them at the end of my morning pages and I really think that actually writing down the focus area helped.  I still did other things, but for the most part, that focus was completed.

I am now working on making a shelf to put in the window where I am going to put the herbs.  I have figured out a way to keep the kitties out...but so far, plans for making the shelf out of things I have on hand have not come together.  I only have tomorrow because tonight is not too cold, but tomorrow night is going to be in the high 20's unless the forecast changes.

Today's prompt resulted in an interesting writing...I love when I get lost creating...everything else just seems to drop away...but in describing how I felt, well, that was difficult.  Happy didn't seem right.  Neither did fulfilled nor satisfied.  Could not put my finger on anything other than total concentration. Almost being immersed in creating.  How about you?  Can you describe how you feel when creating?

Loved the results of the elections yesterday...
Thanks for stopping by...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Tomorrow's Prompt
How do you react to fewer hours
of sunlight?  Do you cherish the
darker days or do you simply mark
time until it stays lighter longer?