Thursday, November 7, 2019


Walking During Your
Day Lights Up Your Way To A
Life Of Health And Joy

It's later than I usually write my blog but it's been a busy day.  With the temperatures getting into the low 20's I needed to get the herbs in or lose them.  That meant that I really needed to build some type of shelf to put in the window for the four large pots.  There are two herbs per pot.

I found three shelves in less than great shape, but I decided to use them because, basically,  that was all I had and I really didn't want to purchase anything.  I had some corner brackets plus plenty of nails to use.  Rather than dig out the big drill, I used my little craft hand drill which I love.  In the end, this is what I built. A simple u-shaped shelf.
This window gets the most amount of sunlight in the entire house.  It's tucked away in the corner of the living room so the plants are out of the way.  I put the dowels on the shelf to keep the cats out.  I will have to wait and see how long it is before they figure out a way to get to the plants!

I finished another teacup cosy.  This one is for a mug so it is larger than the first one I made.  I'll take a picture and share it tomorrow.

When I downloaded my pictures I saw one of a gas station.  Could not figure out why I took it until I looked at the lines.  Check out the birds...

The house is still a mess.  I think I will talk to the landlord tomorrow to see if he has found anyone to take care of the holes that the plumbers made.  Hope so because I really dislike living in such a messy state.

I think I am all ready for the guild meeting Saturday.  Going to be a big one.  We have a quilter from Pennsylvania coming to do a workshop and present the program.  It's also Member's Boutique.  Lots of our members create and sell beautiful things from exquisite jewelry to clothing to fabric gifts.  It's always a great time to pick up some Holiday Gifts.

Also, it's the last meeting for the Holiday Charity donations.  I usually come home with about thirty large garbage bags - the really large ones - full of donations.  Another contribution to my messy home.  With the kitchen ware all over the place, I am not sure how I am going to be able to sort everything and fill the stockings.  We have about should be interesting.

Oh, and yesterday's prompt about sunlight got me to thinking about dark days and less sunlight.  I was surprised to realize that it really doesn't bother me one way or another.  But, I do enjoy resting in the sunlight of a late summer evening.

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Tomorrow's Prompt
Experts found that exercise is beneficial
to all aspects of life.   How do you feel
about your exercise regiment?