Friday, November 8, 2019


An Apple A Day
Is Physically Healthy
Reading Boosts Your Mind

Twenty days until Thanksgiving!!!  Twenty days folks...are you ready?  Do you have a ton of family and friends visiting?  Again I ask, are you ready?

So why am I asking...because I am not.  You should see my house.  I have managed to keep the living room area somewhat straight but forget about the rest of the house.'s going to get worse because tomorrow I bring home the Holiday Charity Donations.  My biggest problem is where do I put all of the donations.  Last year it was 30 plus garbage bags!!!  Stuff to fill 250 stockings, folks, along with the stockings!!!  It is going to be interesting...that's all I can say!

So, yesterday I told you that I made another teacup cosy.  Here are the photos...

And I created this all by hand!  That's the Workshop for my Fun With Fabric Focus Group tomorrow.

So it took me all day to get ready for the meeting tomorrow.  Sometimes I think I am way too organized but with a group this size and diverse, I have to...

I will have to wear a light jacket tomorrow.  But at least the forecast of snow is gone.  And I need to get to the meeting very early because it is going to be a wild place with so much going on with Members' Market, Holiday Charity Donations plus all the rest of things including our speaker.

Have a great weekend,
Be sure to take some time for yourself,
Talk with you on Monday...

Do you read?  What is your favorite type of 
reading materials?  Magazine articles, books,
fiction or non-fiction? How do you feel 
reading affects your well-being?