Monday, November 11, 2019


Enjoyment Is To
Be Cherished And Revered, Find
Yours And Hold It Dear

Saturday's Guild Meeting went well.   Lots of folks attending, the member's market was successful, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  I talked about volunteerism not just as it pertains to our guild but nationwide.  In case you are not aware, volunteerism is on the decline in America and has been for quite a while.  

DeTocqueville in his 1831 book titled Democracy in America made the interesting observation about American's unique tendency to volunteer.  So volunteering has always been around and Americans volunteer more than most first world countries.  Not sure what this decline is going to mean, but it is something to take note of.

Well, I did tell you that I would be bringing back a ton of stuff for the Holiday Charity...between all those bags and bags of donations, plus the mess with kitchenware all over the place, there are only pathways throughout the house tonight.

Tomorrow I hope to get much of the donations sorted so I know what we need more of.  Folks gave a lot of money so I should be able to fill lots and lots of stockings.

I had errands to run, grocery shopping to do and then work outside.  We are supposed to get the first snow of the season tomorrow and although it was almost 60 today, the forecast low is supposed to be 40-50 degrees colder tomorrow.  

So it was time to put away the umbrellas, the citronella candles, the rakes and brooms and bring out the snow shovels and de-icer.  The snow is not going to stick around, but the ice may as will the colder temperatures.

After being gone all day on Saturday, all the heavy lifting and on my feet for ten hours straight, I just vegged out yesterday and watched three football games.  My Vikings won in spite of the awful calls against them by the refereeing team .  I was really proud of the team.  The Packers also won which was nice.

Well, it's late and as the Frost poem says 'And Miles To Go Before I Sleep...' I will end this post.  Oh, and by the way, I love to read about you?

Looking forward to a great week...
I hope you have one also...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Everyone has something that they truly enjoy
doing or would enjoy trying to do.  What is that
special thing for you?  Have you given yourself
permission to enjoy it?  If yes, how does it make
you feel?  If not, why not?