Monday, November 4, 2019


Sleeping Well At Night
Makes The Morning Very Bright
And Days Of Delight

Today began very early...5:30am...because the plumbers were going to be here early.  They did arrive at 8:50am.

Why so early?  Well, the cats needed to be caught (all four of them) and put in my studio so that the plumbers had freedom to roam where they need.  My cats, Chip and Dale, would have left them alone.  But the others, Bear and Tiger, especially Tiger who thinks he is a guard kitty, would have bothered them...make that hampered them.

So going in and out of my studio is lots of fun.  Tiger was trying to get out all the time and he did succeed a couple times.  I caught him and brought him back to the studio but that's no fun.  He is a big and heavy cat.

The plumbers did finally find the leak which took quite a bit of time and exploration (read that removing sheetrock)  first to find it and now to fix it.  Most of the pipe in this old house is cast iron which over the centuries becomes brittle, especially if exposed to temperature changes.  The leak was in an area which required removal of both sheetrock and wooden wainscoting trim.

The fix is to remove the section of cast iron pipe that is cracked and replace it with plastic but they will keep the cast iron connectors.  Hopefully they will be able to finish it all today.  And then someone will come in to repair the sheetrock and wainscoting.  And no, I won't do that...

We expect family for Thanksgiving so I really do not want the house to be this messed up.  Remember I had to move all the dishes, shelves, tables and the display of antique kitchenware out of the pantry - it's a giant room!  Also, remember that there are three households of kitchen items.  And we do not want to get rid of any of them because when we separate to our individual places, we will need our things.  And I really do not want to purchase new things.  All of that 'stuff' is scattered throughout the rest of the house.  My dining room table, for instance, is piled high.

By the way, I have created pages, found in the right side of the blog, that contain the Haiku and prompts found in each blog lately.  So, if you need some journal prompts, check these areas out.  I will add to each page daily.

Hope your teams did better than mine did yesterday!
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what are you worried about?  List steps you
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