Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Reaching Out To Friends
At This Time Of Year Opens
More People To Love.

The sleigh and reindeer was made by a neighbor, Emil Sando, who lived next to my grandma, Gertrude Hannenburg.  He made it about 80 years ago.  His wife, Irene, made the Santa in the back of the sleigh.  The three carolers were crocheted by my husband about 25 years ago.

Yep, I have realized that much of my Christmas decorations are either old, or really old.  Course, so am I...old, not quite really old yet.

So the house is decorated, the gifts are wrapped or sent and now I am baking.  Today I baked the ever loved fruitcake cupcakes...

Shortbread cookies (from Grandma Hannenburg's recipe).  She always frosted them and stuck a walnut on top...

And then I decided to try a teabread which I made several years ago.  It's a Cranberry, Orange, Cheddar Cheese teabread.  It calls for orange juice which I didn't have...and there's still 1/2 inch of ice on I brewed a strong raspberry tea to which I added a small amount of vinegar (for the acid).  The bread turned out great...

Tomorrow I will be baking more cookies and a couple more teabreads and maybe some candy.  

While I was baking, I was listening to the Articles of Impeachment debate in the House.  The Republicans have railed against the process as being unfair (even though they were the ones that set the rules when they were in charge).  But they have not countered the facts.  Interesting to say the least.

Today's prompt was about taking time for myself during the rush of the holidays.  I have been taking things easy, reading, even watching (not today) some Hallmark Movies.  So I am taking it relaxing and I hope the rest of you are doing so also.

That's all for now...
Talk with you tomorrow...
Tomorrow's Prompt
As you prepare, have you reached out
to friends, even those you have not seen
in a long time.  Maybe it's time to say