Thursday, December 19, 2019


Emotions May Run
High During Celebrations
Count To Ten And Breathe

Another cold day.  At least the sun was shining brightly.  The ice melted on SnowWhite where the sun shone, but there's still a good deal of ice on her.  Thus, I am not going anywhere.  At least not yet!

Today was going to be another baking day, but when I got to my studio, I found a slew of emails from the guild that needed action.  So, I spent all morning and a couple hours in the afternoon before my conference call taking care of everything.

After the conference call, I did manage to make one batch of cookies, but that's it.  I still have things to take care of for the guild this evening, but hopefully tomorrow I can finish up baking.  

Today's prompt brought me up short.  I really haven't reached out to many friends, old or new, to wish them greetings for the season.  And now that I think about it, I am a bit sad thinking of those who were so much a part of my earlier life but who have slipped by the wayside of my life.  I began thinking about them and wondering how they are doing, what has changed in their lives, etc.  For many, I don't even have current addresses.

When I was working, Christmas was so hectic that I would write and send my Christmas handwritten letters and cards between Christmas and Epiphany.  I have decided that this year I will reach out to five of them.  I could do more, but I decided to do at least five.  And if I find that I am enjoying it, I will write to more.

So what about you?  Have you reached out to long-lost friends?  It may be something that will bring heart-warming news.  Why not give it a try...

That's all for today...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Tomorrow's Prompt
Are you tense?  Do you feel completely
overwhelmed, upset, even angry?  Count
to ten, take a deep breath, sit down quietly
and spend a few minutes writing down why.
That usually helps relieve the tension.