Thursday, December 5, 2019


Drawing Lines Will Help
You Understand What Are The
Important Life Acts.

The snow is melting but the ice remains...mushy...but still around.  I managed to fill the truck with the Holiday Charity for one organization AND deliver it to a place in Yonkers.  Believe it or not there is still highway work going on...guess they no longer stop for winter.

Yonkers did not get anywhere the amount of snow that we got so the streets were bare and only a patch of snow here and there.  We still have a ton of snow, but it is, as I said melting.

This is what it looked like Tuesday after all the snow...
This picture was taken in Maine several years ago when I was living there and we had a major snow storm.  But, this is what it looked like here with snow covering everything.

Can you believe that it is already the 5th of December?  Christmas is only three weeks minus one day away.  I don't know about you, but I have so much to do that I am not sure it will all get done.  I might send some packages late.  First things first, I do have to get the rest of the Holiday Charity things sorted and delivered.  Hopefully by next Tuesday.

Plans are to go and cut down a tree this weekend.  It will be nice to have a fresh tree up.  Hope the cats will stay away.

Then I have to get ready for the Guild's Holiday Party.  I am 95% finished with everything but it's always that last 5% that gets to me.  The party is one of our main fundraisers as we raffle off Holiday Baskets but I still plan the rest of it.  

I have four games for the members to play including one to exchange the fat quarters that folks brought with them.  I wrote quilting lyrics to four different Holiday tunes...found out the members like to sing.   And I have to finish up a challenge quilt.  

And that doesn't even cover decorating the house inside and outside as well as baking...and Christmas presents...on my!  I need 40 hour days...not 24!  

So I was surprised at my answers to today prompt.  I feel like I am doing less creative work, but in reality, it's just that my creativity is in a different venue.  I really want to create more quilt landscapes but right now my time is spent trying to uprighting a guild 'ship' that is listing.  

I would love to just take over and fix it but then it's my fix.  I need to include lots and lots of others so that they take ownership.  That always takes more time.  

So how about you?  Are you more or less creative that you were a year ago?  Are you happy where you are at creatively?  

That's all for now...
Talk with you tomorrow...

Tomorrow's Prompt
Do you say yes to everything even when
you don't want to do something?  Or no even
when you want to do something?  Listen to 
your choices, they can help you discover
what is important to you.