Monday, December 16, 2019


Holidays Reduce
Available Time To Spend So
Use It Carefully

I am watching the weather station right now amazed at all the tornadoes in the deep south.  I had to check my calendar to make sure that it was really the middle of December!!!  Actually, I turned in to see how bad the stormy weather is going to be here.  We are expecting a wintery mix of ice and snow with extremely dangerous driving.  It's won't be here for several hours but I am ready.

I mailed all of my packages this morning, returned one item from Amazon, stopped at several stores to pick up all my baking needs.  The grocery stores were crammed but there were plenty of cashiers open so once I picked up everything, it went fast.  I figured that if I am going to be home due to the storm, I might as well do some baking.

So the Holiday Party for the quilt guild was a success.  Everyone enjoyed playing silly games which was a surprise because most folks who attended were of retirement age!  And we had one of the best food spreads we have ever had. Our raffle baskets raised a good deal of money!  All in all, a success.

The house is completely decorated, the tree needs some work but I can do that while I am baking over the next couple of days.  And, I have finished all my shopping!  I think this is the first time I have finished so early.  A very nice feeling.  All I have to do is wrap them.

The last prompt was about spending time thinking about myself and what I want out of life over the next year.  Yes, it is getting to that time when we think about New Year's Resolutions, etc.  So I have been thinking that I am pretty happy with life right now.  Oh, I wish I was completely out of debt and maybe weighed a bit less, but all in all, things are okay.

Next year, though, I do want to do a bit more.  For instance, I have the Etsy Shop set up but not opened.  Why?  And I have other things I want to do like go through several boxes of things and finally decide what to do with the items many of which are from my mom and my grandma.  Then, I really need to do more creatively.  And I need to read more, both for entertainment and to help with my spiritual meanderings.  And exercise, and...Well, I could go on but those are somethings I am going to ponder over the next weeks.

What about you?  Have you thought about next year?  Do you know what you want to accomplish? And are your holiday celebration plans coming together?  Well, where ever you are in your planning, stop and take time to breath and enjoy the process.

Talk with you tomorrow...
If the storms are near you please stay safe...

Tomorrow's Prompt
Time seems to run out in the holiday season.
It's easy to overdo.  What can you do to make
sure things done get out of hand?