Monday, March 2, 2020


What a beautiful day today.  The high around noon was 62 degrees, bright and sunny.  A perfect day to spend some time in the park reading a bit. 

I am halfway into a mystery by Anne Perry called 'Dark Assassin:  A William Monk Mystery.'  I enjoy Anne Perry's mysteries, especially the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series as well as the William Monk Series.  Both are set in Victorian London.

I worked on the Applique Project this weekend actually placing flowers which does take a long, long time.  Here's what I have finished so far.   None of them are actually sewn onto the piece.  Each section has  been attached to a piece of plain fabric first.

I also added four large stepping stones for a walkway.  I plan on adding flowers down the stepping stones and across the front.  Then leaves on the tree along with a swing.  Finally, some incidentals like vines on the porch and planters flanking the door, things like that.

So tomorrow is the big primary voting day - Super Tuesday.  Now that three candidates have quit the race, it should be interesting to see how things shake out after tomorrow voting has been tabulated.

Another beautiful day tomorrow...even warmer than today but with a bit of rain in the forecast.  Maybe I can finish my current novel.

Hope you have a great day...
Talk with you tomorrow...