Thursday, April 9, 2020


The more I looked at this blossom the more I realized that it was more of a square than a circle.  Interesting to say the least!

Well, I am taking down my journal making set up.  With all the practice of sewing signatures, I really have improved...not perfect...but much better.  And, of course, the cut and paste was lots of fun as was making tiny notebooks and secret pockets.

One of my problems concerns what to do with the journals.  Quite frankly, I love making them but I don't really enjoy using them...go figure.   So, it's back to the sewing/quilting/art fabric creations set up. 

I have lots of old magazines that I am going through right now, pulling out pictures and instructions of things that catch my interest.  Not that I will do all of them, but the creativity found in them usually helps jumpstart my creativity juices.

I did get the mini-newsletter finished and out to guild members.  I added some fun springtime things to do like instructions for a table runner or wall hanging.  And I added an article with internet sites.  I think that will be a reoccurring feature.

More local organizations are asking for masks.  The church where we hold our meetings feeds about 1000 meals a day (Monday through Friday) to the homeless and are asking for masks so they can hand them out as well as use them for the volunteers.  And everyone is running out of elastic!

Today felt like fall, heavy wind high up in the trees, cold and stunning rains.  Looks like things will be over by this evening.  It's going to be warm by the weekend, though.  Hopefully we can grill out on Sunday.

Well, that's all for now.
Keep safe and stay well.
Talk with you tomorrow...