Friday, April 10, 2020


I went out today to mail the mini-newsletters to those who do not have any internet connection and make a bank deposit.  (Surprised that the bank was open!).  Although it was gray and cloudy, the spring blossoms continue to astound me.  Pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, etc., etc., etc.  I will definitely get out the first time the sun is out and take pictures.

So, today I was asked by someone on line if I knew what the new norm will be?  To be honest, I have no idea...and I am not sure that anyone knows how this is going to shake out.  I wonder how groups will continue. 

For instance, when the libraries open here in NYC will they continue to allow groups to meet in their facilities or will they decide that for the present, it would be better for their patrons not to have any outside groups meet.

And what about large groups.  I was thinking about the guild that I belong to.  We sit cheek to jowl most times and if the speaker is well known, it's even more crowded.  Can we still hold those meetings?  More to the point, do members even want to continue to attend? 

And what if we need to have testing done first...where does that testing come in and who provides it?  The White House, although saying that we have the best testing in the world, will not support what's needed to get the type of testing available.  So where does that leave us?

And will small restaurants be able to open...heck, how will small business survive at all?  Although the big bill was passed, the time line could actually be a year before all of it gets out to either small businesses or individuals.  Well, most small businesses only have about 27 days of funds on hand in the best of many will they survive?

And of the nation's that have gone through this - China for instance - 50% of the small businesses are gone.  They simply could not survive.

It's a pretty dark scenario, isn't it?  And yet, even here in New York City, you can feel that positive vibe.  After all, they came back after 9/11!  They will come back even stronger from this.  And so will the rest of the nation.

We just have to realize that not only is change inevitable, so is our determination to go with the flow of this new norm and find our way.

So, even with all the bad news heading your way, remember, we will get through this...

Have a great weekend,
Take a break from the news,
Keep well and stay safe,
Talk with you on Monday...