Thursday, May 28, 2020


Don't ask me why but I thought it was Wednesday all day...BUT IT IS THURSDAY!!!  And I needed to get a mini-newsletter out today to guild members.  Other than having made the quilt project and taken pictures, I had done nothing on the newsletter!

Eight hours later, I finally finished it.  But I am going to wait until tomorrow morning to send it out!

So, I showed you the weaving project yesterday. 
Here are the instructions.

I recently purchased a set of tools to make bias tape, so I used the largest one (one inch) to make the strips for my weaving.  I also cut my 2 inch strips on the straight of the fabric, not the bias.  Cut the strip with a v shape at the beginning:  Place the fabric as shown through the tape tool.  As you pull it through, iron it to press the folds.  I spray water and iron again.

When you have made enough tape for weaving, secure the warp (yellow) strips by pinning the top to an ironing board WITH a piece of fabric adhesive like Steam-A-Seam under the strips, glue side up and leave the paper on the bottom.

Weave the weft strips (purple) on the warp.

When done, slightly pull the bottom of the yellow strips down and pin.  Then arrange the purple strips and pin both sides.  Lightly iron the weaving to tack it to the glue.   When tacked securely, remove the pins, trim the adhesive paper even with the edge of the weaving, then iron to bond the adhesive to the weaving.

With the paper on the back, stitch around the edge of the weaving.

If you want to include batting in your project, cut a piece the size of your weaving, remove the adhesive paper on the back and place the batting on the back of the weaving and press lightly, enough to adhere the batting without losing the loft.

Next, using some adhesive backed fabric, cut out a heart and then cut a heart out of that heart.  Center the two hearts on the weaving and heat bond them to the weaving.

To finish the weaving, cut a piece of fabric for the back adding four inches to all sides.  Cut a square out from each corner about half inch from the edges of the weaving.

Next, fold the edges on a long side to meet the edge of the weaving.  Fold in half again, meeting the edge of the weaving, then fold the folded edge over the weaving and pin.  Repeat on the other long side.  Then do the same to the short sides working the corners to meet the edges of the long sides.

Hand stitch the 'binding' (folded edges) with a blind stitch.  Finish by
quilting around the hearts.
That's it.  

My thoughts go out to the Twin Cities of Minnesota tonight.  The horrible death of George Floyd at the hand, or should I say knee, of the policeman is enough to send any group over the edge.  Think about all the violence that has been inflicted upon the black community in just the past 30 days.   Add to that the pandemic and you have a formula for unrest.  My hope is that reason and justice for our black community prevail.  

Talk with you tomorrow...