Thursday, September 17, 2020


I love the orange-rust color of the flower above.  Reminds me so much of fall. The temperatures have taken a dive into the 60s for the next several days or so.  My t-shirts are in the chest of drawers and my sweatshirts are now front and center.  Hope it stays this way for a while...not too cold, but not warm.

I was planning on working in Duchess but the guild stuff seemed to multiply in front of my eyes so I have been tied to the computer most of the day...make that all of the day.

And my computer seems to be on the slow decline...right now the left shift does not work.  Makes typing a bit slower than normal...actually, it is very frustrating but not enough yet to plow a couple thousand into a new computer.  Especially since I just plowed thirty-five hundred into SnowWhite!!!

Do you meditate?  A lot of my friends and most of the members of the guild meditate at some degree.  I found that interesting but not surprising.  A couple were having a time settling down long enough to meditate and others suggested a labyrinth.  Well, going to one (if you can even find one) isn't very convenient right now.  BUT there is a solution.  A finger labyrinth.

 All you need is a pattern, double sided tape, pins, black thread, two pieces of fabric about 12 inches square and 1 piece of batting also 12 inches square plus fabric for binding.

First download whichever pattern you want to use (website at end of blog).   Layer the top fabric, batting and bottom fabric and pin corners. Then use double sided tape to secure the paper pattern to the fabric at the corners (not under any lines).  Stitch over the line with a short stitch. Once stitched, remove the paper.

Using a tight but narrow zig-zag stitch sew over the lines. Finally, add a binding. And this is the result.

So now that you have a finger labyrinth, how do you use it. Many folks use labyrinths in conjunction with their religious faith, but many others do not.

One way to begin is to simply enter the circle slowly tracing the path with a finger from your non-dominate hand. Some folks concentrate on the experience of tracing to empty their mind of other thoughts. Other folks allow thoughts to come and then dismiss them while tracing the circle. Still others look at emptying their mind on the way to the center, once there, they take a few deep breaths and then allow thoughts to come and go as they trace the circle on the way out. Experiment to find which works best for you.

You can find patterns for laybrinths here:

You can find ideas for meditations here:

Talk to you tomorrow...