Monday, September 14, 2020


I hope your weekend was relaxing.  Mine was fine with one exception - my Vikings dropped the ball and lost badly to the Packers on Sunday.  I shouldn't be too upset.  Brady's new team didn't do that well either!!!

So, I finished another challenge piece.  This one is spring flowers.  Yes the challenge's deadline was postponed until October but we decided to go ahead with it even the fall.

It's another fussy cut flowers with gold thread quilting.  Here's the flowers including a close-up...

And here is the finished piece.  I put a pocket in the back for hanging.  Also, the back is white. 

It looks darker because the lighting was not the best, but it really is beautiful in person.  The background is brocade...want to know how old that fabric is?  Well, it was the top part of my wedding dress!!!  That makes it oh, about 53 years old!!!

I have been working on Dutchess and sewing a quilt top using the stack and slash blocks.  Looks nice with the orange strips between the blocks.

That's all for now, talk with you tomorrow...