Tuesday, November 24, 2020


So, I don't generally lead a post with a picture of fabric, but this is one of the, oh, say a million or two, that I have processed...and that I like.  

I have been working hard to get the fabric processed and done, but I find that if I concentrate and accomplish a lot one day, it's like pulling teeth to do the same the next day.

Oh, I have been processing the fabric but not like I did yesterday.  One thing that I think is slowing me down is how much is measuring 1/2 to 3/4 yard which puts it in a different category.  But to be honest, one yard cuts aren't much better.

I took the turkey and ham out of the freezer this morning in hopes that they will thaw out by Thursday.  A small turkey and a medium ham.  Looks like I will have to finish all the rest of the sides on the stove or in an electric skillet.  Wonder if I can do the potatoes in the slow cooker?  Think I will look for a recipe.

The pecan and pumpkin pies will be made tomorrow and I think I will try some pumpkin bread with the leftover pumpkin.  And I know that the boys will sample them tomorrow rather than waiting until Thursday, but, hey, that's fine with me.

Well, back to fabric...

Talk with you tomorrow...