Friday, December 11, 2020


Quick post tonight.  I am still up to my eyeballs with the guild...this time the raffle basket drawing which happens tomorrow.

Since it is online, I have all the containers here into which I have put about a zillion slips with names of the members who bought the all the containers that they have chosen.  Doesn't sound like much but it has taken hours and hours of my time.

I am down to two with 120 tickets.  And it is getting late.

I did take about an hour around noon to put up the outside decorations.  It was in the high 50's in the that too hot to have a jacket on.  It looks nice and bright.

And now that I am waiting for these last two folks, I decided to make some Christmas cards using adhesive backed fabric.  I read in a blog I follow about the blogger deciding to make some Christmas cards.  And then a friend of mine decided to do the same thing.  Well, after tomorrow, I will have plenty of time!!!  So, out came the fabric.  

Well, another person just sent in an email...guess I will get those slips cut and folded and put into the right containers.

Talk with you on Monday when I will have lots more time...