Monday, December 14, 2020


Yep, the tree is up and almost all the decorations are on.  I have a few more to put on tomorrow after I take seven packages to the post office to mail.

And taking the packages to the post office will be the last act of the Holiday Basket Raffle for the was a lot of work.

Well, I did win a basket and will be picking it up in person sometime this week.  It's a felt Christmas decoration kit which will be fun to do.

I will not do the basket raffle again by myself.  If we have to do a virtual raffle next year (and I highly believe that we will) someone else needs to step up to take part of the responsibilities.

So once I finish with the post office, I will be focusing on baking for Christmas...cookies, fruitcake cupcakes and tea breads, especially pumpkin bread which was devoured in no time at all.  I have Tuesday and Wednesday to bake.  

Because my school teacher son is still teaching virtually, AND because the all the kitchen equipment is turned off at the school, he cooks in our kitchen on Thursday and Friday while students cook the same things in their own kitchen!  It's really wild to watch and listen to...

The presents are purchased, wrapped and those that need to be sent, are long gone (But I think the Post Office has lost two of the boxes!!!  I sent them on the 3rd, priority, and they still can't trace them!!!) 

So, we have a president-elect, but I understand that there are gop house representatives who are going to challenge several states and if they can get one senator to agree with them, then both chambers will vote.  I really can't believe this.  We have to figure out a way to come back together as a nation or we will lose our democracy.  Sad commentary on our times.  

And now we have a 9-11 loss everyday...and no one seems to care.  Another sad commentary on the state of our nation and it's citizens.

But you know what...the nation did say they want the democracy to continue...and there is hope for the pandemic on the horizon.  So, cheer up and think positively...we will come through this and I hope in better shape when all is said and done.