Tuesday, December 8, 2020


This is our tree so far.  We went and cut one down at a Christmas Tree Farm.  Not cheap but beautiful.  It has been drinking water like crazy.

The lights are on...there are not as many blue lights as this picture depicts.  Tree ornaments will go on during the week.  Since it is real, we will not be putting on the same amount of ornaments that we usually put on an artificial one.  But the smell is wonderful.

And after Saturday, the raffle basket drawing is done and all the work that goes with that...let me tell you, it's a lot of work.  Then other than one more newsletter, my work for the guild will go down to a manageable amount.

And I am looking forward to baking my Christmas cookies and candy.  And wrapping the presents...I feel like a queen with the presents purchased and most on their way.  Course, I will have to mail out about 13 raffle baskets!!!

It's unusual to have a football game on but I guess with teams having coronavirus outbreaks, games are rescheduled.  Kinda of nice for me, but probably not for the teams.  Don't think the Cowboys are going to win.

Tomorrow, I get to print and cut out about a gazillion names...actually about 700!  We have folks be $100 and $200 dollars worth of tickets!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...