Monday, December 7, 2020



I can't believe it but my Vikings won and are in the playoffs...for the week at least.  Not sure how long they will stay there but at least they had a chance.

So, this past weekend was really busy...I won't bother you with what happened on Saturday but Sunday we had planned on getting a tree which we did.  A live one.  It is in the living room, drinking lots of water.  We will probably try to decorate it later this week.  Even though it was upright when we cut it, spending a couple hours in the truck on the way home left the branches bunched up.  It is falling out nicely.  And I rearranged the living room so there is plenty of room.

I did get the truck battery changed today.  Have two trips to take to the city this week and the last of the fabric and Holiday Charity will be out of my studio.

We do have a big day on Saturday with Alex Anderson our speaker and the drawing of the raffle baskets.  Lots of work to get that done in the next couple of days, but then other than mailing out my basket contributions - 13 - on the following Monday, I am done.

And I hope to begin baking.  All my boxes are mailed off save one...all my presents purchased.  Maybe this holiday season will be a relaxing, informal one...I sure hope so.

Well, I am off to clean up the kitchen...

Talk with you tomorrow...