Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Remember yesterday...only 29 days left to go.  Well, I should have begun with there's 29 days left for chaos!  And chaos is the catchword!

On to better things.  I finished all the baking but the cranberry pudding still needs to be steamed.  

I will start the pea soup in the large crock pot tonight.  The rice pudding will be started again in a crock pot in the morning as will the cranberry pudding.  All very quick...then I will try a new recipe for potato sausage.

I mailed the last of the envelopes this morning, finished wrapping all the presents as well as all the baking.  So, I think I am ready.  My chef son brought home all the fixings for a wonderful roast on Christmas Day as well as stuffed mushrooms with king crab, fresh.  Sounds wonderful!!!

I managed to straighten up my studio so it's ready for new projects.  I plan on spending the week between Christmas and New Year's reviewing last year and then set goals for the coming year.  I like to take that week to relax and think about what the future may bring.

As I have my present, I don't expect anything under the tree but it will be nice to watch the boys open their presents.

The weather was warm today...a lot of melting. And tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.  I don't think all the snow will be gone, but a good deal of it will disappear.

Well, that's it for today...

Talk with you tomorrow...