Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Well, all I can say is we only have 29 days left...but that's the problem...we still have 29 days left!

I spent the day baking today.  Several batches of cookies are done.  Still have one more to make and one in the refrigerator to bake.

Then I want to make the cranberry pudding and finish wrapping the presents tomorrow.

I need to pick up a couple things from the local grocery for the potato sausage that I want to make on Thursday.  Maybe I will make it tomorrow...not sure.  But that will only leave pea soup and rice pudding (both done in crock pots) for The Christmas Eve Dinner.

I do need to get the Christmas Day Breakfast done.  Egg bake has been requested for the morning...and I don't mind.  I love it myself.  And then I don't have to worry about Christmas Day which will be nice.  A day of relaxation.

Well that's all for now.

Talk with you tomorrow...