Monday, December 21, 2020


So, everything for the guild is done until the first newsletter of 2021 which should be sent out on the 2nd, but I may wait until the 3rd and give myself a true respite of, oh, a whole whopping twelve days counting today.

Well, 'beggars can't be choosers' as my folks used to I will take the twelve days and relish having the freedom.

I have been making holiday cards.  My theme for the season was trees and snowmen.  One thing you can't see is the sparkly effect.  I used a metallic gel pen and scribbled all over the card so it sparkles in the light.

I haven't made cards in a long really was a lot of fun.  Have to put that down on my calendar for next year!

I used a heavy weight watercolor paper, single sheet.  Adhesive backed fabric and gel pens.  It really was easy as I could just iron the cut out pieces of fabric onto the cards.  No messy glue, just a scissors and an iron.  Everything is free hand cut.   

So tomorrow is a big baking day.  Half of the fruitcake cupcakes are already gone as are two of the loaves of pumpkin bread!  I plan on making one more batch of fruitcake cupcakes, about four batches of cookies and some cranberry pudding for Christmas Day.

I have to wrap a few more presents but that's it.  I will have everything done by Wednesday!  Wow!  Then I can spend Christmas Eve making dinner for that night - pea soup, potato sausage, potatoes and rice pudding.  Haven't been able to find lutefisk so I will have to serve something else.  

I don't have to make Christmas Day chef son plans on making a roast and trimming for that day.  Sounds good to me.  Cranberry pudding for dessert!

I am looking forward to some relaxing holidays, low-keyed, informal and enjoyable.  I hope all of you are going to have the same...

Talk with you tomorrow...