Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Isn't he cute.  Another one of my decorations long gone to a happy home!  Believe me, I still have enough to choke a horse!!!

So between the zoom meetings (I have another one in thirty minutes.) and all the guild work, I managed to pack away the fall decorations in anticipation of getting a tree this coming weekend!!!

And this is wild, but I am watching a football game right now...well, listening to one.  And the score is close 14 to 19 with 2 minutes 14 seconds left.  It was postponed twice and wound up on Wednesday afternoon.

I also packaged up two boxes for Christmas, ready to mail tomorrow on my way to Yonkers.  That only leaves one more to mail.  But I still have to wrap those presents!!!  My goodness, I feel so far ahead this holiday season.  I even purchased all my baking needs.  (Hopefully I will get to cookie making!)

AND I even got in my exercise today...something that has gone by the wayside more days than I want to remember.  Well, it's time to get ready for my next zoom social.

Have a great evening...

Talk with you tomorrow...