Friday, January 29, 2021

Recycle Craft Ideas

Taking a quick break from work.  I am hoping that next week won't be quite is full as this week was/is/continues to be!!!

Anyway, I have found a few more recycle items I want to try out.  One idea came from a Mindful Crafting magazine.

First was making make-up removal pads using an old towel that has seen it's better days but still has some good parts around the edge plus some scrap fabric, both pieces cut in 3 to 4 inch squares, stitched together.  If you make a dozen or so,  the used ones can be added to the laundry and reused many times.  They even suggested making a fabric basket to fit the size and quantity of make-up removal pads.  Neat idea for recycling.  

The other recycle craft was to use colorful pieces of magazines cut to make a picture.  Doesn't sound very impressive, but some of the photos are spectacular.  And I do have several magazines with colorful pictures.  Another way to recycle.

I just googled recycle craft ideas...there are tons out there.  I bet you could find one that appeals to you.  Don't forget to 'Reuse, Reduce or Recycle'!  It helps everyone and everything from your bottom line to saving the earth.  Okay, this break was long enough...back to work!

Well, that's all for this week...

Enjoy your weekend (and stay warm)...

Talk with you on Monday...