Thursday, January 28, 2021

String of Pearls?

Can you believe this block?  Look at all those pieces.  Wow, that had to take a long time to put together.  And if I did it those points would not match.  Simply beautiful.

So when I drew the next instruction for the mystery quilt it was to use a fabric I disliked!  Going to be interesting to see how small an amount I can use.

I didn't get the emails for the guild sent out and I think it's a bit late to begin that will be tomorrow's job.

Not looking forward to sending out five emails to everyone but hopefully it will go well without any hitches.  And everyone will have pictures of all the cut fabric and fabric bolts that we have available right now.

I was looking at crafts to include in the next newsletter and along with the mandala painting on fabric, I think I will include some woven hearts.  First with paper, then with felt and finally with fabric. 

Well, this post looks like a 'string of pearls'...something I learned in a journalism class eons ago.  In other words, lots of things strung together without direction.  But that's the way I feel today...kind of stuff strung together not going anywhere.  Even with everything I did today!!!

Hopefully more direction tomorrow...

Talk to you then...