Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Over the next few weeks I will continue to share with you my adventures (goals) for this year.   My first adventures was Wonders of Life.   You can read about it on my 1/13/2015 post.

My second adventure is writing.  I have always enjoyed a variety of writing:   Curriculum, Retreats, How-to instructions, Short stories and, of course, my blog.

And I have always included writing in a list of my yearly goals (adventures) but I've never been really specific about it with the exception of my curriculum projects.   It's been more general in nature.

This year, I want to be very specific about this particularly adventure, about my writing.   Let me give you a bit of background...

I have always enjoyed beginning, or ending, my days with a brief meditation.   Not really religious, but spiritual in nature.   As well as being uplifting and challenging.

For instance, I enjoyed reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance:  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy so much that I have used it more than once.  Others I have enjoyed reading are Sue Patton Thoele's books like The Woman's Book of Courage.

I also want to share with you that I have been on quite a journey over the past couple of years exploring my spiritual life,  my beliefs and my relationship to this vessel we call earth and all it's creations.  And this journey has led me to be more aware of the impact of resources on my meditation.

So, back to my writing.   I haven't found too many books that I enjoy using for my meditation. So one of the undertakings in my adventure in writing this year is to write a book of meditations.   One that I would enjoy reading and reflecting on.

I have begun writing already but am still working on the format.   I want to keep each meditation brief and to the point.   I have also been including brief poetry, again written by me.

I like the idea of matching the reflection pieces to specific dates but at the same time, I feel that doing so may limit the time when people begin using and reflecting on the meditations.   I haven't completely decided but am leaning toward not using specific dates. 

Another way of organizing the meditations revolves around subjects.   Do I want to group the meditations on a particular subject together or do I want to use a scatter approach?   This is one I have not decided on at all.

I am giving myself an eight month deadline to have enough written so that I can put them in an e-reader format.  Once I get that far, I plan on using a platform compatible to both Amazon and iTunes in order to sell it in e-form very inexpensively.   For my readers I will offer the opportunity to get the book for free for a short time.

Another undertaking in this adventure is to continue posting on my blog.   I really enjoy sharing things with my readers and appreciate the challenge of writing a post several times a week.  And now that I will be living in New York City, I think there will be lots of things to write about...lots of adventures to share with you.

On another note, I have picked up a pen and begun creating again...

I finished this today.   I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed doing this.   Hopefully, my dry spell is over and I will be able to create once again.

Thanks for checking things out here...
'Je suis Charlie'...
Talk to you later...